personA I want to try out different types of drinks! This place has all-you-can-drink!
personB It's good value as you can drink as much as you like of the applicable drinks within the time limit. But only order what you can drink. It's bad manners to leave unfinished drinks!
personA Since we are in Japan I want to drink sake!
personB You can enjoy sake at different temperatures depending on the type at this Izakaya.
personA Can you drink the same type of sake at different temperatures?
personB Yup. If you chill it it's called "Hiya" and if you warm it up it's called "Kan."
personA Oops. I didn't think I had drunk much yet but I feel a bit drunk.
personB Many sakes are refreshing and easy to drink but watch out because it's easy to get drunk. You should drink the free water too.

Collaboration: Tokyo Sake Brewer's Association

Izakaya Culture 2

"Izakaya" are very popular as places where you can freely enjoy alcohol and food. You can make eating and drinking in Izakaya more fun by getting to know Japan's unique ordering styles and services.

"Nomihoudai" (All-you-can-drink) system


Free water

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