Site Policy

1: Accessibility Policy

The Site aims to be in comformity with Level AA of Japan Industrial Standard JIS X 8341-3:2016 "Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities -- Information and communications equipment, software and services - Part 3: Web content" (hereafter referred to as JIS X 8341-3:2016).

1. Scope

The pages within the website (

2. Exceptions

The following areas are not included in the scope of the goal as they are difficult to modify.

  • (1) Instances where amendable content is not available (cannot be amended)
  • (2) Some images and videos that were created previously
  • (3) Services and related content supplied by outside providers
  • (4) PDF data

Because it is difficult for the PDFs that have been provided already to meet part of the Success Criterion "Non-text Content (Success Criterion," The Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans to prepare accessible PDFs as much as possible or publish overview information on the HTML page going forward.

3. Deadline for meeting the goal and the level

Deadline: March 31, 2020
Conformance level: conforming to Level AA

4. Conformance level added

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will include the following from the success criteria of Level AAA in the goal and work to achieve it to the extent possible.

  • 2.1.3: Keyboard (No Exception) (Level AAA)
  • 2.3.2: Three Flashes (Level AAA)
  • 3.3.6: Error Prevention (All) (Level AAA)

5. Website accessibility verification results

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is posting the results of the test carried out based on JIS X 8341-3:2016.

The pages tested on this website are in conformity with conformance Level AA.

  • (1) Website accessibility conformance level set as a target
  • Conformance Level AA
  • (2) Pages tested
  • Based on the testing guideline of JIS X 8341-3:2016, eleven webpages were selected from the domain ( administered by the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, The Tokyo Metropolitan Government using random and non-random methods.
    List of Pages Subject to the Checklist
  • (3) Exceptions
  • None
  • (4) Web content technologies relied upon
  • XHTML 1.0, CSS 2.0, JavaScript
  • (5) Success criteria checklist
  • Web Accessibility Success Criteria Checklist
  • (6) Test period
  • September 20 to October 5, 2018

2: User Information That Does Not Contain Personal Information

In viewing The Site, information such as the name of The User's internet domain, IP address and the browsing environment of The Site, etc. (hereafter referred to as "User Information") is automatically collected.

User Information collected will be limited to the content with a purpose of improving usability of The Site, and will only be used within that extent. However, access information of The Site processed statistically and information on the browsing environment, etc. may be released.

3: Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights

All rights (copyrights, ownership rights, intellectual property rights, portrait rights and publicity rights, etc.) pertaining to the content (text, images, software and other data, etc.) that makes up The Site, except for those provided by The Users, belong to The Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

No User may reproduce, duplicate, reprint, transmit, accumulate, sell or publish the content, regardless of method or form, without the permission of The Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

4: About Links

While The Site may be linked in principle without restriction whether for profit or nonprofit, please link to the homepage of The Site in principle.

If you insert a link to The Site, please send the content and the URL of the website, the purpose of inserting the link, your name and your contact information.

Application for the link insertion: Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau


However, please refrain from setting a link if the insertion falls under or may fall under any of the following:

  • If your website contains content that intends to slander The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, other companies (people) or other groups, or to cause loss of trust thereof.
  • If your website performs acts that invade copyrights, intellectual property rights such as trademark rights, property rights, rights to privacy, portrait rights or other rights of The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, other companies (people) or other groups, or may perform such acts.
  • If your website makes it unclear that the displayed content is The Tokyo Metropolitan Government's content or has the possibility of misrepresenting to a third party through a method such as displaying The Site within a frame.
  • If your website may perform acts that violate laws, ordinances, regulations, etc. or public order and morals, or may obstruct administration of The Site other than the matters in the paragraphs above.
  • If your website inserts the link by using logos and marks owned by The Tokyo Metropolitan Government without permission.
  • If your website inserts the link in a way that causes misunderstanding about the source of information.

Please note that the URL of The Site may change without notice. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government holds no responsibility in any other actions such as compensation and complaints in connection to the link.

In principle, we do not accept requests for The Site to insert links.

5: Technology

1. Recommended environment

The Site recommends the browsers listed below to ensure safe and comfortable usage.

  • (1) Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • (2) Google Chrome
  • (3) Mozilla Firefox
  • (4) Safari

2. Applied technology

(1) Plug-in

Adobe Reader (Acrobat Reader 7.0 or above) is required to view and print PDF files.

(2) Cookies

The Site uses cookies for better and more convenient viewing experience as well as to collect data to continuously improve The Site when The Users visit The Site.

Cookies are information transmitted to The User's browser from the server related to The Site's administration and is stored on The User's computer. However, information stored does not contain any information that identifies individuals such as The User's name, address or telephone number.

Cookies do not have any direct adverse effects on The User's computer.
The Site may use cookies from third party companies that our Company outsources operations with in order to grasp the access status of each page.

It is possible to change the browser settings to disable the Cookie feature. It will not affect viewing of The Site significantly even in this case.
Please refer to your browser's help menu or contact the manufacturer for methods to change your browser settings.

(3) JavaScript

Some content on The Site uses JavaScript to offer more comfortable usage.
Please note that such content may not be displayed or operated properly if JavaScript is not turned on (or activated) in your browser settings.

(4) SSL

The Site uses SSL encrypted transmission in some services to enhance the security level.
Your web browser must be compatible with 128 bit SSL in order to use these services.
Using a web browser compatible with security functionality allows The Users to send and receive automatically encrypted personal information such as their name, address, and phone number, entered by The Users.
Should the sent data be intercepted by a third party, there is no danger of the data being stolen. Meanwhile, depending on The User's firewall settings, these pages may not be accessed.

(5) PDF

Adobe Reader from Adobe Systems Incorporated is required to view files in the PDF format. If you have not installed Adobe Reader or if the content of The Site is not displayed properly, please access The Site after downloading the latest version.

3. Information system security

The Site will protect its information assets from threats with a purpose of continuing its business based on The Users' trust and fulfilling a social mission as an administrative organ.

(1) In order to ensure safety and accuracy of information assets, The Site will work to prevent unauthorized access, destruction, falsification, loss and leakage, etc., and take appropriate safety measures.

(2) The Site will handle information assets in compliance with The Tokyo Metropolitan Government's basic policy on information security, laws, ordinances, and other standards.

(3) Should the processing of information assets be entrusted to an external party, this processing work will take place under the appropriate supervision of The Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

(4) The Site will aim to maintain and improve information security by establishing mechanisms for continuous improvement.

6: Legal Matters


Absolutely no guarantee can be given as to the completeness or accuracy of information published on this site. Changes may be made to information that has been posted without prior notice.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is not liable for any loss or damages - whether direct or indirect - that result from using the information or contents contained within The Site.

2. Prohibited acts

The following acts are prohibited in the use of The Site.

  • The act of submitting to or registering with The Tokyo Metropolitan Government information for registration that contains falsehoods, errors or omissions or other information.
  • Any act that violates the rights possessed by other Users, third parties or The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, or that may result in such violation.
  • Any act that violates public order and morals.
  • The act of fabricating any information that can be used on The Site.
  • The act of sending out or writing malicious software.
  • Any act that obstructs the operation of The Site, or that may cause such obstructions.
  • Any act that violates laws and ordinances, or any act that may violate the laws and ordinances, such as the spreading of rumours.
  • Any other act that The Tokyo Metropolitan Government deems inappropriate.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government may take necessary measures (including legal measures) such as suspension of use of The Site, disqualification of membership, and claims for damages against The User if a User violates the matters in the preceding paragraph or perform other acts that the administrative agent deems inappropriate in terms of administration of The Site.

Should The Tokyo Metropolitan Government or a third party suffer damages due to a User's violation, The User must compensate for the damages at The User's own expense and responsibility.

3. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Use of The Site as well as the interpretation and application of The Terms referred to here shall be governed by the laws of Japan, unless otherwise specified. The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first hearing for any and all disputes concerning the use of The Site.