MeetMeats5バルMeetMeats5 Baru

Address 〒164-0001
5-56-9 Nakano,Nakano-ku,Tokyo
Phone +81-3-6454-0097
Location Others
Category Yaki-niku / Steak,Teppan-yaki
Smoking Smoke-free
Card/mobile payment Credit Cards Not Accepted
Free Wi-Fi Not Available
Big screen for watching sports Not Available
Hours 11:00 AM ~ 02:00 PM
05:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM
Closed Always Open,Varied
Menu Language 日本語,English,한국어,简体中文
Access 4 min.walk from the North of Nakano station
Price Range approx. 5,000yen
Misc. Charges (Cover Charge, Service Charge, Appetizers, etc.) Not Available


Taxes Not Included

1Beef from Japanese Black Cattle Grill


2Choice Japanese Beef Grill


3Marbled Beef Carpaccio


4Vegetables Bagna Càuda Dip


5Red Wine by the Glass


6White Wine by the Glass


Taxes Not Included

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